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Branding & Boundaries: The Importance of Self

Branding & Boundaries: The Importance of Self

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Boundaries & Branding

The Importance of Self

The sense of self is often hard to maintain in a healing practice. Your healing gifts are a major piece of who you are, but in running a business special care must be taken to prevent burn out and loss of self. Your practice is a business entity of its own. You are not the practice and it is not you. The practice has its own identity and persona. You can construct its characteristics through branding. Having a clear brand gives clients predictability, familiarity, and comfort. Often practitioners market themselves rather than the brand or practice. This is a major marketing faux pas and there are layers of personal and marketing issues with this approach including money and business interactions which are explored in depth in the series on Money.

How you brand your practice can and should be a reflection of you and how you wish to serve others. You as the provider are responsible for representing the brand with consistency, but you are not the business or the brand. This separation between you and the practice is extremely important for marketing as well as for your psychological and spiritual well being. Without the separation it is easy to lose yourself in work and allow work to become your identity. Clear separation in your mind and heart will assist you in creating boundaries around time and energy offered. It also allows for emotional resilience when negative feedback or undesired clinical outcomes occur.

Separation of self and practice is additionally imperative as you are a human on an emotional and spiritual journey. You as a provider and person may find times of feeling insecure, blue, in need of respite. This is normal. This is growth. You are allowed to grow, rest, and thrive. The practice as a business however cannot waiver. From a marketing perspective the practice has no human needs or characteristics, but is a brand that is rock steady in energy, service, and predictable access and results for clients.

The separation of practice and provider is of massive importance for the clients’ attachment and relationships with you as the provider. A client can understand if the practice’s provider is on vacation or has a sick day, but have a challenging time understanding why you as the healer are not available to them in their time of need. This psychological separation between provider and practice is a massive psychological benefit for the client. Interpreting your unavailability as “the practice is closed” versus “you’re simply not there for them” is extremely helpful in maintaining boundaries and positive relationships between healer and client. Let the practice be your buffer in boundary setting around availability. Other benefits of branding the practice instead of provider include money and business interactions and are explored in depth in the Money series.

How does one brand a practice? Our next article focuses on clarity. The clarity exercise creates a clear brand vision by identifying and naming your business desires. You’ll be able to set attainable goals that will easily come to fruition once you identify what you truly want.

Now go work your magic.


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Transform Your Practice & Prevent Burn Out

Transform Your Practice & Prevent Burn Out

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