Can you make money while honoring your soul's purpose? Yes, absolutely yes. You have been called to serve with your heart & soul, but your gifts are not meant to serve only others. You are meant thrive. Open your heart to a practice that serves you & your clients.  Marketing + Wellness is honored to partner with you on the journey through successful & soulful marketing in business.   

Clarity: Creating Your Brand

Clarity: Creating Your Brand

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Creating Your Brand

How does one brand a practice? The clarity exercise creates a clear brand vision by identifying and naming your business desires. You’ll be able to set attainable goals that will easily come to fruition once you identify what you truly want. Get clear on how you can honor others while reaching your full potential and goals in business. The amount of thought and energy you put into this exercise will determine the success of the process. If you have a business partner, complete this separately and do not share answers until you’ve both completed it in full.


Clarity: Branding Exercise

  • Describe your practice? What products and services are offered? Overall design?

  • What is your day to day work and what do you want it to be? 

  • What is your administrative role and how many hours per week do spend on these duties? How many hours a week do you want to spend?

  • What is your client role and what do you want it to look like? 

  • What colors do you think of in relation to your practice? 

  • What gives your practice soul? 

  • What do you feel when you hear your practice’s name? 

  • What do you want clients to feel when they think about your practice? 

  • When do you want clients to contact your practice (ex monthly maintenance, when ill or in crisis)?

  • What do you want your practice’s reputation in the general community to be? (Not what you think it is now, but what you want it to be) 

  • What is your favorite thing about your practice? Least favorite?

  • What are you most proud of about your practice or the practitioners in the practice? 

  • What does the practice offer you? 

  • What is unique about your practice compared to other similar practices? 

  • What do you wish people knew about your services? Your field? You as a provider? 

  • Name the top 5 descriptive words you’d like to be known for as a practitioner (open your ego and let it out! This is just a marketing exercise)

  • What else in relation to brand do you want to share that did not fit into the above questions? 

Once you’ve completed the Clarity exercise, put it aside and welcome at least one full sleep cycle before returning to it. Once you’ve rested, find a quite and comfortable space to review your answers. Check for themes in emotions. Are you seeing a recurring emotional theme that needs to be addressed? Are feelings around money or exhaustion coming up? Is you ego or personal identity popping up repeatedly? Be clear on any emotions that are negatively impacting your practice and business growth and address them before continuing in you marketing journey. Next, check for themes concerning business. What themes are you noticing throughout the exercise?


Clarify Your Brand

  • Name 3 identifying descriptors that recur most frequently in the exercise:

  • Name your favorite 2 colors mentioned in the clarity exercise:

This is your brand.

Now go work your magic.


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