Can you make money while honoring your soul's purpose? Yes, absolutely yes. You have been called to serve with your heart & soul, but your gifts are not meant to serve only others. You are meant thrive. Open your heart to a practice that serves you & your clients.  Marketing + Wellness is honored to partner with you on the journey through successful & soulful marketing in business.   

Focus: Find Your Marketing Maven

Focus: Find Your Marketing Maven



Find Your Marketing Maven

In healing professions all humans are potential clients, but you simply cannot market to everyone. Without focus your marketing efforts will be ineffective and drain your budget without results. This exercise will help you identify your target niche and focus advertising efforts to your ideal clients.

Set aside an hour to complete this exercise. Be thoughtful and step out of the “any client is perfect, I just need volume” frame of mind. By filling your practice with your ideal client, you build a practice that nourishes you. That serves your purpose & vision. That leaves you nourished and at peace at the end of the day. Be specific about brands and stores that your client frequents as this will help immensely when using social media to target your ideal audience.

In a quiet space free of distraction, close your eyes. Take a deep breath and envision your dream office. You’re preparing for a new client appointment. This is your ideal client. See them sitting in your office. Welcome them and ask what’s brought them in today. As you get to know them answer the following questions:

  • What is your ideal client wearing (jewelry, clothes, shoes)? Where would one purchase the items your client is wearing?

  • Are they wearing make up? Hair done? Natural?

  • Is their partner with them?

  • Are their children with them?

  • What vibe are they giving off?

  • Where do they live? If you offer home services be specific about location down to the neighborhood.

  • Decorative style (minimalist, Pottery barn, CB, boho, thrift store)? What stores or markets would one purchase the items in their home?

  • What is your client’s education level?

  • Income level?

  • What is their overall health like?

Pause and take deep breath. Close your eyes and reconnect with the vision of your client sitting in your office again. This is the perfect client.

  • What do they do for a living?

  • What do they do for exercise?

  • What do they eat? (Organic, Whole Foods/raw, vegan, macro, SAD/KFC, paleo, keto) Where would one purchase the type of food your ideal client eats?

  • What do they do for hobbies or fun?

  • What parenting style do they lean towards?

  • Are they religious? What kind?

  • What is their medicine style? (Allopathic, prayer, homeopathy, acupuncture, Ayurveda, essential oils, herbs)

  • What are their political views?

  • Who is their partner in a nutshell? (Work, education, income, health status, involvement with family)

  • What is their previous experience with health care?

  • Why are they seeking your type of services/type of practice?

  • How did they hear about your practice?

  • Is there anything else about them that you can identify about your ideal client that wasn’t asked above?

Pause and close your eyes once more. Greeting them in your mind’s eye again, ask their name. What is their name?

This is your Marketing Maven. Everything that you design, write, market, and represent will be with this client in mind. Each social media post, you’re writing to them. Every flyer, group event, sponsorship or donation are all made with your ideal client in mind. You will still have a wide variety of people seeking your care with this marketing technique as interests and passions cross cultural lines. This technique is simply a way to focus effort and ensure your ideal clientele is being reached by your marketing efforts.

Now go work your magic.


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