Can you make money while honoring your soul's purpose? Yes, absolutely yes. You have been called to serve with your heart & soul, but your gifts are not meant to serve only others. You are meant thrive. Open your heart to a practice that serves you & your clients.  Marketing + Wellness is honored to partner with you on the journey through successful & soulful marketing in business.   

Money: Breaking It Down to Love

Money: Breaking It Down to Love

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Before you move forward in marketing your practice it is imperative for your success to be clear about your feelings around money. Money can feel like a deep and complex issue, but how you feel about money is simply a reflection of how you feel about emotional exchange with others. Feelings of insecurity, scarcity, inadequacy, worthiness, and shame concerning money cloud our business mindset and impact our practice and relationships with clients. You must identify and let go of the feelings concerning money to be profitable in business.

Find a quiet space where you feel safe and secure and complete the following questions:

  • When I think about money I feel:

  • When I look at my bank account I feel:

  • When I think about my debts I feel:

  • When I pay a bill I feel:

  • When I accept a payment from a client I feel:

  •  When I tell a client they owe a balance I feel:

  • When I think about my financial future I feel:

Look at the emotional themes in your answers. This is how you feel about yourself, your worthiness, the amount of love and acceptance in your life. For example: If you are worried there will not be enough money in the future, you are worried that the love you have today is not solid or unconditional. If you feel negative emotions when accepting payments from clients, you may feel you’re not worthy of receiving love. If you have debts and feel stress around them, you may feel you owe love and it is draining to give. Taking out credit leading to debt may mean that you need more love than you’re receiving or believe you are owed more love than you currently have. Money is energy exchange between two people just as love is an exchange. It is easy and normal to project our relationship issues on to money. Now you that you’re aware, you can begin breaking through feelings about your relationships with money and human connection. Set yourself free to welcome abundance.

Remember that how you feel about money is a reflection of what’s going on inside. This can be a great road map to mending old emotional wounds because money is not really the issue. Money, after all, is an inanimate object or simply numbers to be used how you see fit. Money works for you, not the other way around.

Now go work your magic.


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