Can you make money while honoring your soul's purpose? Yes, absolutely yes. You have been called to serve with your heart & soul, but your gifts are not meant to serve only others. You are meant thrive. Open your heart to a practice that serves you & your clients.  Marketing + Wellness is honored to partner with you on the journey through successful & soulful marketing in business.   

More Clients With Less Work: Automate Everything

More Clients With Less Work: Automate Everything

make money with automating business

I want more clients but the busy work that comes with scheduling and payments in addition to the personal time with clients; I just don’t think increasing volume is sustainable.

You need balance. Work-life balance AND balance in doing the work you love versus the busy work of admin duties. Automating everything: scheduling, money exchanges, accounting, & marketing leaves you with time and energy to do your hearts work and serve your clients. Freeing up the time spent on admin gives you more time for clients so that growing your business volume and revenue isn’t nearly as intimidating.

Scheduling: If you’re spending time emailing and texting back and forth with clients to schedule an appointment, you’re wasting hours a week not to mention your sense of well being. Imagine if you have that time to focus on the present and just be. Acuity Scheduling is hands down the best online scheduler. When your clients can easily access time with you, they’ll do more of it. Why Acuity?

  • Clients can easily schedule and reschedule if needed. They receive either text or email reminders depending on their preferences.

  • Customer accounts: they don’t have to enter in all of their data every time they log in to schedule.

  • Create intake forms that clients complete during the booking process. This data is exportable and can go to google sheets (ask your EMR if you can integrate this feature).

  • You can set parameters concerning how much advance notice is needed to schedule an appointment or reschedule. You can set terms such as “50% cancellation fee” etc.

  • Customize your availability for days of the week and office hours and block off time for lunch or personal time off.

  • It integrates to your calendar of choice and sends you text or email reminders for appointments.

  • User friendly app for your smart phone.

  • Manually add clients and appointments if you need to, but be mindful of setting boundaries and having people use this feature themselves. The whole purpose of automation is to preserve your time.

  • Appointment blocks: you can set the length of the appointment, how much buffer time you need between appointments, and you can set Acuity to schedule them back to back or to minimize gaps between appointments.

  • HIPPA compliant option for $50/month. And remember that GSuite is HIPPA compliant for storage of any health intake forms.

MONEY MANAGEMENT: Managing money is one of the hardest things to incorporate into a small or solo business. It can create issue in your healing relationships and invite negative vibes into the therapeutic space if your client has issues with money. Acuity Scheduling has a solution for this!

  • Payments! Money management is a huge time saver and you can require partial or full payment at the time of scheduling. Knowing you’re getting paid for your work is a massive stress saver.

  • Options for Payment plans & Subscriptions that auto draft from the clients preferred card on the day of the month you choose. Predictable income is a massive stress reducer. Acuity offers a E-gift card option as well that you can customize to match your brand.

  • Payments can be integrated for automatic recording in Quick Books, Fresh Books, or Zero.

  • Payment processors are easily integrated. Acuity supports: Square, Stripe, Pay Pal, Braintree, and Authorize.

Accounting: Imagine managing your business finances easily from your smart phone.

  • Quick Books integrates to almost every money platform.

  • It will connect to bank accounts and credit cards. You can have presets that categorize your expenses automatically.

  • Client payments through Acuity will auto populate to Quick Books.

  • It offers you easy to understand profits and loss statements and overviews of your budget.

  • The online version is THE BEST! and comes with an easy to use, fully functional app.

  • Basically, your accounting runs on auto pilot. Once you complete the set up, all you have to do is log in once a month and review.

Social Media: This is a free marketing tool that you must become proficient with. Later is Marketing + Wellness favorite platform to streamline your social media.

  • Later offers free training!

  • Schedule posts. Sit down once a month and schedule your posts.

  • Visual Planner: rearrange your posts to make your profile stand out.

  • Offers analytics with suggestions on the best time to post.

  • Linkin.bio feature turns your photo into a link to your site. Generates more traffic to your site and increase sales.

  • Free with minimal features, $19/month for entrepreneurs.

Getting all of this set up takes time and attention to detail. Break it down into little steps and automate everything! Once everything is up and running, you’ll be amazed at how simple running your business has become and relish the extra time you have to nourish yourself.

Now go work your magic.


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