Branding + Web Design

Branding + Web Design


Success in business is more than just making money. We know that serving others and honoring your higher self are the cornerstones of your business. We’ll help you get clear on your brand and build or re design your web page in a way that showcases your heart and speaks to your ideal client. You’ll complete our branding exercises, attend a conference call to review your brand and connect with your designer. You’ll then create the content of your web page meaning the page titles and descriptions and we’ll put it all together for you. This does not include photographs. The cost of getty images is $11.83 per photo.

This package includes:

1) Branding consultation

2) Web page design or re design using Squarespace. This does not include copy, content, or photographs.

3) SEO set up. We’ll work our behind the scene magic to help your page skyrocket to the first page of Google. We’ll check in at 3 months and update as needed. 

Cost of annual Squarespace membership, desired plug ins or add-ons not included in web design.

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